Optimism, like a rising sun!
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Three Steps to Making it Work

1.) Remember it

  • In order to use it we must remember it.
  • So, place a few copies of The Optimist Creed in places you are likely to visit several times a day. Click here for examples

2.) Apply It

  • Look for situations where you can apply the principles of the creed.
  • Be aware of your thoughts and actions. Adjust them so they conform to the principles of the creed. 
  • In some cases you can turn your postive thoughts into actions.
  • At other times you can refrain from taking action.

3.) Make a Commitment

Applying these principles can enhance your life and the lives of others in many ways.

  • Make a commitment to live up to them. As the creed says, "Promise youself ....
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Optimism, Like a Rising Sun!
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